Ready to make your journey forward?

Journey Forward is an initiative to help you get back to business - to Journey Now through the immediate challenge, to Journey Through to set your business up for success, and to Journey Forward to prepare for what’s coming next.

How can I manage store footfall?

60% of consumers are wary of store shopping moving forward. Here are three recommendations for opening effectively, while carefully managing traffic and the safety of your customer.

How are retailers responding to COVID-19?

In the face of having to close doors, furlough employees, and wonder when business as usual will resume, retailers are stepping up to find new purpose and contribution to the greater good.

3 reasons banks are using remote appointments

Why are banks turning to video and voice appointments? To boost customer satisfaction and meet customer expectations.

Preparing to reopen

Now is the perfect time to begin planning your return to "business as usual." Learn how to reopen successfully with tips from JRNI partners.

5 ways healthcare providers can leverage appointments

Consumers are looking for safe and effective ways to interact with their healthcare providers with minimal risk. There’s no silver bullet, but an appointment scheduling system can help.

Give your customers a sign

One of the keys to keeping customers and prospects engaged is to offer clear communication, making customers aware of how to take advantage of your services.

Announcing JRNI Forward

The new JRNI Forward product suite is ready to get you back to business with footfall management, click and collect, virtual queuing, remote appointments, and virtual events.

A look into the post-COVID future

COVID-19 has impacted us all in ways we did not anticipate. Our JRNI leadership team offers their thoughts on what impact this pandemic is having on us, on our customers, and on our futures.

Tips and tricks for remote meetings

With so many remote meetings occurring, we laid out tips and tricks to help you hold the most effective meetings possible.

5 ways to promote remote appointments

Many companies are broadening their scope of services by offering remote appointments. Here's how to promote this offering.

Footfall management: tracking traffic with JRNI

Businesses with brick-and-mortar locations are starting to think about how they can reopen in a way that will still allow for social distancing. The solution? Footfall management.

3 unsung JRNI features that will help you get back to business

To give you more insight into how we can help reopen your business, here are some of the top things you can do with the JRNI forward product suite.

Adapting to the new normal: remote appointments with JRNI

Remote appointments with JRNI helps organizations quickly shift from a face-to-face business model to a remote business model, with no need to download or integrate with external apps.

Thinking about virtual events?

At JRNI, one of our core offerings are one-to-many events -- sign up online and show up in-store or in-branch for an experience that interests you. It’s one of our more popular offerings - but what happens when a pandemic enters the picture?

A banking guide - the dos and don’ts of reopening branches

With health and safety measures in place, there’s a significant focus on the need to retool the branch experience. Here's a banking guide to reopening branches.

Business by appointment

Effective this week, some store fitting rooms are reopening by appointment only. And while it seems like a small thing, fitting rooms are part of the customer experience that separates in-store shopping from online shopping. Learn how appointments can be part of the retail customer experience.

How to manage an increase in foot traffic

As restrictions begin to ease, retailers face a new challenge—safely reopening. In this article, we cover the importance of managing retail foot traffic, tracking retail foot traffic, directing the customer throughout the store, and balancing efficiency and customer service.

Selling behind a mask: connecting while social distancing

Having well-stocked stores and cleaning supplies displayed is not enough; retailers need to connect to customers while social distancing. Here's how to sell behind a mask.

A guide to retail traffic solutions for stores

An omnichannel approach that leverages online and in-store sales together can lead to higher sales and profitability, even in an era of social distancing. Here's a guide to retail traffic solutions for stores.


Guide: Open for business

We partnered with TotalRetail to create this guide for retailers as they plan to reopen stores. We discuss store operations, crowd control, and personalization in retail after COVID-19.

How to promote remote appointments in retail

Have you started offering remote appointments to customers? Don't forget to promote this new offering! Learn how.

How to promote remote appointments in financial services

Are you offering remote appointments? Ensure customers know you're available to help during this unexpected time with a strong promotion strategy.

Guide: Restarting retail

It's time to throw out your old playbook, and write a new one that adheres to the new rules that this challenging time dictates.

Datasheet: Restarting business during COVID-19

JRNI Forward is a product suite that includes: footfall management, remote appointments, virtual queuing, virtual events, click and collect, and COVID-19 appointments.

Video: 4 things banks and credit unions must do now

This on-demand webinar provides actions you should be taking to combat the effects of COVID-19 on your business, and what you can expect in the following months as the economy reopens.

Video: The retail recovery: How to thrive in COVID-19

This 30-minute on-demand webinar explains what changes you should make to your in-store experiences, and how consumer behavior will be altered permanently from COVID-19.

JRNI Forward

COVID-19 has changed the face of business as usual - and businesses have to change along with it. JRNI Forward is a product suite designed to help you do exactly that. With a collection of features that will help you reopen safely while maintaining social distancing best practices, JRNI Forward is offers exactly the tailored solutions you need to thrive in COVID-19 - and beyond.


According to an NRF benchmarking survey, more than 9 in 10 consumers have changed their shopping habits due to COVID-19, and 6 in 10 are worried about going into a store.

You need to drive commerce without crowds. JRNI can help.

Financial services

When unexpected events occur, people immediately turn to their banks to assess budgets, pay bills, and think about their futures. Banks are essential, and maintaining a sense of trust, security, and availability are paramount. Learn how JRNI can help.

It’s time to journey forward. JRNI can take you there.