Successful financial institutions find innovative ways to build long-term relationships with customers.

Though technology affords convenience, it’s your staff who manage high-value transactions, and have the power to provide experiences that lead to customer satisfaction.


Ensure your customers receive the same knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive service at every interaction using JRNI’s customer engagement platform.


of consumers will invest more in a service after a face to face interaction.

Consumer Behavior Research, 2018

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Our customers are reinventing financial services

Banks, credit unions, and wealth management firms all use JRNI to connect with their customers.

  • Personalize each customer interaction

    Drive branch foot traffic and improve customer service with personalized customer interactions.

  • Improve satisfaction, loyalty, and CLV

    Deliver a personalized experience that is designed to engage, build relationships, and convert prospects to customers.

  • Optimize your physical and human resources

    Use data-driven insights to improve business performance, resourcing, and service offerings.

Pair customers with experts

Financial institutions use appointment scheduling as a way to form connections and provide top-notch service for high-value customers. Whether you’re a bank looking to help customers open new accounts, or a wealth management firm looking to onboard top-tier investment clients, appointments are the best way to engage, support, and foster stronger relationships.

Optimize lines to serve more customers

Upgrade your customer waiting experience, and improve customer and employee satisfaction with queuing. Keep customers in-the-know with a personal wait time forecast, and SMS/email alerts as they move to the front of the queue. With JRNI’s queuing application, staff can focus on delivering exemplary customer service, instead of managing long lines and irritated customers.

Educate customers and establish deeper trust

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by offering events, workshops, and classes that increase knowledge and foster customer loyalty. Whether the event is about how to save for a house, or about market trends, JRNI’s events application coordinates all aspects of the event from sign-up to follow-up.

Drive operational efficiency using data

Empower your HQ and location-specific teams with analytics that make it easy to make decisions. JRNI’s Insights application ensures you can easily monitor performance, including peak times, wait times, top employees, and more. In addition to location performance, use Insights to better understand customer satisfaction levels and common outcomes.

Monitor time, and optimize for efficiency

Appointments and queuing put your customer’s time back in their hands. These applications also help to reduce staff administration time, so staff can focus on customer experience.

Integrate with existing business tools

Gain a 360-degree view of your customer by breaking down silos and integrating your existing business systems with JRNI.

Empower your workforce

Provide your staff with real-time customer information to ensure they are prepared for their next appointments. Help them provide a memorable and exceptional experience.

Turn occasional visitors into loyal customers

In-branch appointments are important for increasing customer lifetime value. Ensuring customers engage and don’t just use the ATM is critical. JRNI supports staff with knowledge and insights so they can provide personalized, expert assistance.

What our customers are saying


Oriental Bank reduces wait times by over 50%


shortened branch waiting times

"We are more agile now, and able to make decisions based on intelligence that we simply didn’t have before. We can monitor and have great insight on areas like capacity, time management, return on investment. We challenged JRNI to partner with us... and they exceeded our expectations."
Jessica Lugo - VP Retail Strategy Officer, Oriental Bank Read case study
Border Bank

“JRNI enabled us to automatically capture the most important information about customers, so we could receive deeper insights about them and use that intelligence to deliver more personalized experiences for them.”

Tim Muir, Head of Customer Experience at Police Bank, the parent company of Border Bank

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