How does JRNI help banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions?

JRNI is a scheduling platform that helps banks, wealth management firms, insurance companies, mortgage lenders, and other financial institutions deliver exceptional experiences. Through in-person and remote appointments, virtual queues, and events - plus JRNI’s industry-leading analytics tool - you can deliver the services that drive engagement while also measuring and improving upon your customer engagement strategies.

"The interaction of human and digital is critical. We as humans have a number of traits or characteristics, one of which is face-to-face conversations and creating trust. Whether it’s personal banking, business banking, wealth management or corporate banking, you need the human relationship side."

Dominic Venturo, Chief Digital Officer, US Bank

"We want our members to choose Visions Federal Credit Union because they know that we can help guide them to a successful financial future. We chose JRNI because they take the same approach to working with their customers as we do to working with our members - as true and equal partners."

Thomas P. Novak, VP/Chief Digital Officer, Visions Federal Credit Union

"Working closely with the team at JRNI, we trained reps across the business in how their relationships with customers would become more sophisticated."

Jessica Lugo, VP Retail Strategy Officer, Oriental Bank

Banks and financial organizations delivering personalized experiences with JRNI

JRNI delivers results for finance customers

Financial services customer results including, reduced staff time spent booking appointments by 40%, 2220% increase in appointment volume year-on-year, 62% reduction in no-shows, reduced customer wait time by 50%, 50% increase in customer-initiated appointments, exceeded appointment booking goals by 9x

JRNI delivers results for finance customers

62% reduction in no-shows

Banks have found that automating appointment scheduling using JRNI resulted in a 62% reduction of customers who didn't show up for their scheduled appointments.

Doubled appointments while cutting branches in half

One JRNI customer found that, thanks to the JRNI platform, they were able to double the number of appointments they scheduled - even though they had cut their brick-and-mortar branches by half.

Reduced customer wait time by 50%

Oriental Bank found that, by using JRNI to manage appointments, they were able to reduce the time their customers waited to be served by 50%.

Engage your current customers by building personalized relationships

  • Schedule and manage appointments. Use 1:1 appointments to deliver the personal experience your customers expect - either via video or in-person.

  • Create customer profiles. Reference detailed customer profiles to make every customer feel like a VIP.

  • Easily automate communication. Send pre- and post-appointment communication to keep the conversation going.

animated video appointment

Win new customers by providing flexible, frictionless service

  • Offer voice and video options. Give customers the flexibility they expect with voice and video appointment options.
  • Say goodbye to lines and wait times. Keep your lobby running smoothly with an easy-to-use lobby management app that lets your concierge team stay on top of everything, while reducing lines and wait times.
  • Make it mobile. Make appointments mobile by letting customers schedule and meet from their mobile devices.
Shopper and retail associate shaking hands

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Be ready for the future of finance with the right technology partner

  • Get an industry-leading analytics tool. JRNI includes JRNI Analytics, an easy-to-use tool that will help you measure and improve upon the success of your customer engagement strategies.
  • Integrate other tech seamlessly. Your business relies on all kinds of technology. That’s why JRNI is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and more.
  • Meet security guidelines. You put security first, so we put security first. From ISO to GDPR, JRNI has strict policies in place to protect our customers - and your customers.
  • Be accessible for all your customers. You need to be able to serve every one of your customers without fail. JRNI follows WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines and is regularly audited for accessibility by a third-party company.
Bankers reviewing analytics data


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