Meeting the demands of today’s modern consumers for a frictionless customer experience can feel like a daunting and complex challenge–but it doesn’t have to.

When done right, you can transform one-time sales into long-term, loyal customers.

Give your customers the same knowledgeable, efficient and responsive service at every digital and physical touchpoint using our customer engagement platform.

Reap Rewards

To give your customers the same knowledgeable, efficient and responsive service at every interaction requires a customer engagement platform that performs above and beyond the norm. The good news is that once you get it right, you can expect to reap rewards in sales volume.


Would spend more with a retailer for improved customer service

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Our customers are rewriting the rules of retail

An adaptable platform to engage with your customers

  • Use insights to power business growth

    Use data-driven insights to improve business performance, resourcing, and service offerings

  • Increase sales and basket size

    Drive store foot traffic, serve more customers, and improve service to each customer

  • Nurture customer loyalty and relationships

    Build long-term relationships that increase customer loyalty and likelihood to return

Smart match customers with experts to increase sales

Bridge the digital-to-physical divide by enabling prescheduled appointments, proven to boost customer satisfaction and increase basket sizes up to 4X. Enable your customers to use any channel to book an appointment and match them with the best expertise in your store.

Powering growth with data-driven insights

JRNI’s data-enriched insights provide a 360-degree view of the customer and each store location, enabling retailers to accurately manage staff capacity and utilization across departments, stores, and regions to efficiently increase sales, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

Keep your customers happy, don't make them wait in line

Improve your in-store experience with intelligent queuing. JRNI’s concierge app gives your customers a personal waiting time that’s convenient for them. Real-time updates and notifications alert customers via SMS as they move to the top of the queue. Accurate wait times keep customers informed, so they’re free to explore all your store has to offer.

Enriching the store through experiences

Live events and classes provide retailers with the ability to transform the store experience into something far more valued. Use JRNI to elevate brand awareness by educating and engaging your customers through sophisticated events booking. Increase foot traffic, boost customer loyalty, and sell more products and services with intelligent follow-up and personalized offers.

Identify your highest value customers

Scheduled appointments, live events, and dynamic queuing provide a wealth of highly detailed shopper data that can be used to enable targeted marketing campaigns. Easily integrate JRNI data with lifetime value figures in your existing CRM to form sophisticated customer profiles.

Convert casual purchasers into loyal customers–faster

In-store foot traffic is important, but so is ensuring customers buy and don’t just browse. JRNI supports staff with knowledge and insights, so they can provide personalized, expert assistance. Personal shopping can triple average customer spend, and scheduled appointments are proven to increase propensity to spend by 95%.

Boost sales with personalized offers

Supercharge every touchpoint to drive improved conversion rates. With powerful omnichannel capabilities, JRNI can help by embedding invitational offers into all customer-facing workflows–drawing customers in-store for better engagement and business outcomes.

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John Lewis & Partners exceeds revenue expectations by 50%


exceeded revenue expectations

When we realized JRNI’s technological advantages would be amplified by its extensive experience of similar challenges, they really stood out to us.
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