Revolutionizing The Way Retailers Engage Their Customers

The JRNI Customer Engagement Platform makes consumers actually want your attention by empowering brands to establish and enhance trusted relationships through personalized, elevated experiences, at scale. With apps for facilitating appointment scheduling, virtual queuing, and events, plus industry-leading analytics, JRNI helps retailers create memorable remote and in-person engagements that increase increase brand loyalty and drive revenue.


Efficiency and Scale

When manual processes prevent follow up from events, promotions, and walk-ins, customers are left behind and revenue suffers. JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation identifies and launches engagement campaigns in real-time at the moment when your audience is most likely to engage. Brands offering one-to-many events can send relevant and personalized communications before, during, and after an event, eliminating costly delays and missed opportunities.

  • Enables automated campaigns off of events (trunk shows, seminars, workshops) with specific journeys targeting cohorts such as registrants, attendees, and non-attendees

  • Eliminates tedious manual follow up and increases speed to engagement

  • Ensures a higher volume of qualified customers driven to 1:1 appointments

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"It has been incredibly helpful to have the flexibility within the JRNI platform to make adjustments to the appointments and services we offer - to be able to go in and change booking questions, add new services, customize triggered emails, etc. - those types of features and functionality are so easy that we no longer have to involve our technology or web development partners to get them implemented."

Maddie Bender, Brand Styling Manager, Anthropologie + BHLDN

"JRNI plays an important role in our strategy to grow our in-store customer experience events. The dynamics of the JRNI platform help us to achieve our business goals, which include driving more conversions through online scheduling and in-store events."

Jessica Hartnett, Marketing, JoJo Maman Bébé

"Time was critical. We engaged with a number of potential suppliers and selected JRNI as they have the most technically capable solution out of the box. What we needed was already there and the implementation was straightforward. So straightforward [that] we knew we would be able to go from purchase to deployment in under four weeks."

Chris Parks, Group Head of E-Commerce, Monkhouse Schoolwear

"JRNI sets us up so when a customer comes in, we know what they're there for, we're already prepared - and it makes the customer experience that much better."

Alan Whitfield, Executive Vice President of Store Operations, Harry Rosen

"We've added several new and easy ways for customers to book appointments, which is driving higher levels of customer engagement. In the second quarter, 65% more appointments were booked online versus a year ago. This is important because the conversion rate of a merchandise appointment is 3 times greater than for a walk-in customer, and the average transaction value is 30% higher. And we've also expanded virtual try on for more of our key products, which increases conversion rates between three and sixfold. We saw a 22% increase in checkout start rates this quarter versus last year after launching our new mobile first mini bag shopping companion. This makes it easy for customers to see a glance views of their orders, apply discounts, total costs, and progress toward earning loyalty incentives."

Gina Dross, Chief Executive Officer, Signet Jewlers

Quote Taken from Signet Jewelers (SIG) Q2 23 Earnings Call

Retailers delivering personalized experiences with JRNI

JRNI delivers results for retail customers

Increased average order value by 8x

Appointment customers are more engaged than website visitors or walk-ins. According to JRNI clients, customers who schedule retail appointments spent 8x that of an average customer.

Increased appointments by 60% year-on-year

Making appointments part of your business strategy drives hard results. Forrester Consulting found that using JRNI to automate processes and offer more visibility around appointments increased appointments by 60% year on year.

Saved 1,676 hours per year for the CX team

If you’re using an inefficient solution for scheduling retail appointments, you’re wasting time. Forrester Consulting found that it’s possible to save hundreds of hours per year - just by implementing JRNI.

Turn casual browsers into loyal customers

  • Deliver personalized engagements. Use 1:1 appointments to deliver the personalized retail experiences that drive customer conversion.

  • Use data to anticipate customer needs. JRNI’s industry-leading analytics tool identifies trends that help you improve your appointments strategy.

  • Keep them coming back for more. Confirmations, reminders, and pre- and post-appointment communication keep the conversation going - and a single portal where customers can manage their appointments history makes it easy for them to book again.

A customer leaving a 5-star review

Deliver a truly omnichannel retail experience

  • Move customers from online to on-site. Use personalized engagements to bring website visitors to you.

  • Offer vivid video options. If your customers want to stay remote, JRNI can help you showcase your products effectively.

  • Remind them that you're there for them. Reach them via SMS and email for confirmations, reminders, and follow-up communication.

Curbside pickup, appointment scheduling, virtual event, and one-to-one personal shopping appointment

Looking for an appointment scheduling solution? Download our eBook "The ROI of appointments" to understand what they can do for your retail business.

Manage robust scheduling needs

  • Work with flexible, scalable scheduling options. Multiple team members, services, time zones, languages...and more. JRNI is designed to make sure no scheduling requirement is too complex.

  • Measure results easily. Both out-of-the-box and completely customizable reports give you the data you need to improve your retail appointments strategy and increase profitability.

  • Integrate seamlessly with other tech. JRNI works with countless partners to make sure appointments are integrated into your whole tech stack. Whether it’s your clienteling system, your CRM system, or something else, JRNI’s integration capabilities can’t be beat.

Appointment scheduling complexity showing multiple locations, multiple staff members, and multiple time zones across the globe

Choose a partner, not a provider

  • An implementation team who will get you live quickly. JRNI’s implementation teams are experts in appointments, and will get you up and running quickly with a solution that will maximize success.

  • A customer success team who will work with you to fine-tune strategy. JRNI’s CSM team specializes in appointment scheduling solutions and will help review and improve your strategy.

  • A support team who is always there. Literally. Your customers need a system that always works, and our 24/7 support team is there to make sure that’s what they get.

Employees reviewing appointment scheduling processes

Go beyond appointments with virtual queuing and events

  • Offer virtual queuing for walk-ins. Looking to offer personalized services to walk-in customers? Make sure they don’t have to wait in line for it. JRNI Virtual Queuing has you covered.

  • Schedule store events like product launches or Q&As. Get your customers engaged and excited with store events that drive foot traffic and revenue. JRNI Events helps you register attendees, charge ticket prices, manage the event, and more.

  • Go virtual with event booking solutions. If you want to keep events virtual, JRNI can help you do it.

Consumers attending a virtual event

Enterprise Grade Performance and Functionality

  • Multinational, Multilingual and Multicultural. Designed to handle more difficult consumer requirements, including multinational, multilingual, and multicultural support.

  • Role-Based Access Controls. Built to meet the needs of staff who are distributed across geographies and also have different access requirements.

  • Integrations Supporting a Seamless Customer Journey. Supporting Front-end, back-end and real-time integrations at scale.

Seven flags over customers heads to represent translations to suit all customer needs.

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