Attract and retain more customers by offering a stress-free waiting experience.


Make the days of annoyed customers waiting in line a thing of the past. Optimize your customer experience with an advanced queuing application.

Our tablet-optimized interface and intelligent algorithms will elevate your on-site experience to the next level. Our current customers include the largest retailers, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies across the globe.

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Reduce wait times and deliver better customer journeys

  • Retain foot traffic through better engagement

    Real-time updates and notifications alert customers as they move to the front of the queue. You’ll create a better waiting experience and increase the likelihood of return visits.

  • Optimize staff efficiency to serve more customers

    Manage arrivals via our real-time concierge interface, so staff can focus on what matters most: providing the best service to the customer.

  • Streamline operations for revenue growth

    Manage multiple queues by creating convenient time slots for customers and staff. Our application is proven to help manage customer flow, lower costs, reduce walkaways, increase revenue and service.

Core Capabilities


Centralized queue dashboard

The concierge dashboard offers a single view of all live queuing information including: the number of customers in each queue, available services, available staff, who is serving, who is busy, who is on a break, and who is unavailable.

Predicted wait times

Accurate wait times are calculated using advanced algorithms that take into account:

  • Queue lengths
  • Upcoming appointments
  • The number of staff available
  • The number of people ahead in the queue
  • The length of time needed to provide the services requested

Integrated scheduling journeys

Fully integrate queuing into your appointment scheduling journey to offer real-time queue information, the option to join a queue, or the option to make an appointment within a single scheduling experience.

Customer self-serve

Manage customer arrivals effectively with our self-serve option. In real-time, customers can review their position in the queue, change positions, or leave the queue altogether. Customers no longer need to physically queue, and can choose to stand in a waiting area or tend to other tasks.


Multiple queues

If some staff have specialties, you can easily configure separate queues by topic or specialty. This helps to guarantee the most qualified staff member is matched with your customers.

Add walk-ins to the queue quickly

Adding a walk-in customer to the queue could not be easier. Simply hit "Add to the Queue," fill in the required customer details, and the customer is added.

Display boards

Queue displays show critical information including customers currently being served, staff availability, and who is next.

Display boards can be launched and managed within JRNI.*

*JRNI does not supply the digital signage/display hardware.

What our customers are doing


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We worked with a large British retailer to roll out a queuing application into 60+ stores. Our queuing application is currently used by over 1,000 users each day and manages over 1 million bookings each year across 76 services.

Reduce customer walkaways by up to 80%