Blog posts: Podcast episode recaps

Episode 3: Emerging trends of the post-pandemic shopper

The pandemic changed the way consumers interact with brands. Retailers need to focus on creating a well-defined omnichannel strategy and personalizing experiences across channels to capitalize on these new shopping behaviors.


Episode 2: Appointments are a key business investment in the experience economy

Appointments have become key to providing great experiences and meeting consumer demand, and have become an integral to the operations of enterprise-level companies.


Episode 1: A JRNI through experiential relationship management

Experiential relationship management (XRM) strategies are helping top retailers and banks provide personalization at scale to improve customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.


What is JRNI?

JRNI is an experiential relationship management (XRM) platform for scheduling and managing personalized experiences at scale. With apps for facilitating appointments, virtual queuing, and events, plus industry-leading analytics, JRNI helps businesses offer remote and in-person experiences that increase revenue, profitability, and efficiency, build customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.