What is JRNI Analytics?

JRNI Analytics is an industry-leading analytics tool that helps measure the ROI of engagements. Built for any level of user, it’s easy-to-understand reports and visualizations will tell you the story behind the numbers. JRNI Analytics allows customers to measure and attribute value to each tactic and engagement throughout the entire customer engagement lifecycle.

What Oriental Bank has to say about JRNI Analytics

"We are more agile now, and able to make decisions based on intelligence that we simply didn’t have before. We can monitor and have great insight on areas like capacity, time management, return on investment."

Jessica Lugo - VP Retail Strategy Officer, Oriental Bank

What you can do with JRNI Analytics

Track Conversions and Revenue

Measuring ROI is crucial to any customer engagement strategy. JRNI Analytics tells you what you need to know about the revenue and conversions that are driven by the personalized engagements you’re providing your customers. JRNI Analytics tracks every engagement through the customer engagement funnel allowing you to attribute sources and measure ROI.

  • Understand return on investment. Measure ROI so you can accurately assess your strategy.
  • Get the hard numbers. See revenue and conversions from your one-to-one and one-to-many experiences.
  • Assess value. Understand which of your stores, services, and staff are contributing the most to your revenue growth.

Identify Seasonal Trends and Business Patterns

Understanding past trends is essential for making good decisions. JRNI Analytics shows you performance across time periods and compared to previous time periods, so you can uncover seasonal trends that inform your future actions.

  • Know the past so you can prepare for the future. Understand what happened before so that you can be prepared for what's next.
  • See how you're stacking up to historical metrics. View different data points across time periods so that you can track how you’re doing.
  • React faster, and react well. Respond to the data by taking specific actions to combat or enhance seasonal patterns.

Optimize Workforce and Improve Customer Experience

A customer engagement strategy is all about experience. And if you don't know what your customers - or your staff! - are going through, then you can't optimize that experience. JRNI Analytics tells you what you need to know.

  • Don't keep your customers waiting. Do you know how far in advance customers need to book an appointment - and how long they're waiting once they get there? With JRNI Analytics, you will.
  • Be exactly the right amount of busy. Understand your capacity at the regional, store, and staff-member level, so you can maximize uptime and minimize downtime.
  • Make customers happier. Happy customers are those who don't have to wait in a queue and who are served by a staff member who isn't overbooked. You can get there with JRNI Analytics.

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