Leveraging JRNI's ecosystem.

Featured connectors

We know that, as an enterprise company, you need to integrate with your other enterprise technology. That's why JRNI connects seamlessly with both Salesforce and Microsoft - so that you have all the information you need, and you have it all in one place.

Enterprise apps

Different enterprises have different needs - and that's why we offer an array of solutions that connect with JRNI. In addition to Microsoft and Salesforce solutions, the JRNI platform also connects with Google, Oracle, and more.

Retail tech

Part of delivering exceptional experiences is making sure that your customers have a deeply personalized journey. For retailers who are interested in arming their sales associates with detailed product, inventory, and customer information, we offer connections with a number of retail tech partners.

Workforce management

One of the most important parts of a sophisticated customer engagement strategy is making sure that you have the workforce management tools in place to keep you staffed properly. We know that - and that's why the JRNI platform connects with a number of solutions to help you out.


A key element of offering personalized engagements to your customers is making sure that you communicate with them regularly. JRNI connects to video conferencing solutions, SMS/email solutions, and more to make sure that you're always in touch.

Search & Analytics

Getting in front of your customers while they're online - and understanding that online journey - is essential to giving them the right experience. JRNI's connectors to tools like Reserve with Google, Yext, and more make this as easy as 1-2-3.


Want to integrate payments into your customer journey? Choose from a range of checkout options and providers typified by flexibility, customization, and ease.

Consumers attending a virtual event

API documentation

The JRNI platform is built on a modern tech stack using RESTful APIs. With our extensibility framework, clients can extend the platform’s core capabilities by building custom apps.

COVID-19 solutions

Need to keep connecting with your customers while also keeping them safe? JRNI offers a set of COVID-related product features to help you do exactly that - from managing the capacity of your on-site locations, to offering video appointments for the 1:1 service your customers crave.

JRNI: XRM platform

JRNI is an experiential relationship management platform for delivering personalized experiences at scale - and that's going to help you grow revenue, build customer connections, and improve customer loyalty.

Datasheet: JRNI Appointments

Schedule and manage one-to-one experiences that increase revenue, profitability, and efficiency, build stronger customer relationships, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty - at scale.

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