Enterprise businesses are looking to build relationships with their customers while also delivering unforgettable experiences. Whether you plan to meet remotely or in-person, you can use JRNI Appointments to make personal connections by letting your customers book services from any device, at any time.


Offering one-to-one experiences via appointment scheduling - whether they're remote or in-person appointments - increases revenue and improves customer loyalty.

With JRNI, appointment and staff availability is managed through smart workflows, so customers can schedule appointments in order to connect with the right person at the right time.

Not only is JRNI Appointments scheduling software that gives staff an at-a-glance view of all customer interactions, it also shows key behavior patterns. With information at their fingertips, staff can deliver highly personalized connections that keep customers coming back for more.

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Grow your business with appointment scheduling

  • Attribute ROI to every touchpoint

    Understand how the one-to-one experiences you're providing your customers translate directly into revenue and conversions. You can also reveal seasonal trends and identify places where you need to optimize CX and your workforce.

  • Maximize staff productivity

    Provide your front-line staff with customer insights in advance of their appointment. Staff will spend less time on administrative work and more time at point of sale with customers. With data, staff can prepare better, build deeper relationships, and increase revenue.

  • Deliver an inclusive experience

    Accessibility cannot be an afterthought, and JRNI is fully committed to delivering an inclusive solution that considers the needs of all users. As such, it is a core part of our development process that is considered from ideation through to delivery.

Core Capabilities

Remote appointments

Meetings don’t have to be face-to-face. Remote appointments let you use phone and video to connect with your customers wherever they are. Your staff can conduct video appointments from right within the JRNI platform - and attendees can join simply by opening a browser. Give customers the service they need, and the experience they expect. Learn more about remote appointments.

Multi-mode appointments

Manage various appointment types all within one scheduling tool. In just a few clicks, users can create, launch, and link customer communication triggers to multiple types of appointments. In an instant, users can make services available for booking and see upcoming appointments in real-time.

Multi-location staff

Manage your workforce and multiple locations seamlessly by using JRNI’s advanced business logic. Define staff members by each location within individual staff profiles, and we’ll do the rest.

Seamless omnichannel journeys

Create a unified customer experience that seamlessly links every moment between your customers' online visits to their in-person or remote meetings. Customized booking questions and reminders help personalize the pre-appointment experience and build a rapport before the appointment takes place.

Centralized appointments dashboard

Perform all key functions of managing appointments within a simple, easy to use calendar view. At a glance, staff can view both appointment history and background information gathered to date. This helps to strengthen interactions between staff and customers, and improve overall customer experience.

Personalized notifications

Reduce no-shows and automate your online booking by sending branded email and text message notifications. The notification content is customizable, and can also include a link so customers can reschedule or cancel if needed.

Concierge and check-in

Empower staff with a centralized view of operations and complete control of the check-in process. With our concierge interface, staff can help sign in customers and manage the full appointment booking process.

Member Portal for managing bookings

Member Portal lets you provide a seamless experience for your customers, so that they can manage all their appointments simply and easily from one place. Customers will be able to log into their account and see appointment history, view upcoming appointments, reschedule or cancel appointments, and book new appointments.

JRNI Analytics

JRNI Analytics is an industry-leading analytics tool that helps get the most value out of your data. You can use it to:

- Track the ROI of appointments and events so you can increase conversions and maximize revenue
- Identify seasonal trends to help you make forecasts and predictions
- Understand customer patterns so you can improve CX
- Manage your workforce more efficiently

With JRNI Analytics, you don’t just see the numbers - you understand the story behind the statistics.

What our customers are saying


Testimonial by Jessica Hartnett


Of customers purchased items as a result of pre-arranged appointments

"JRNI has been successful for us. Our staff members want to easily manage all of their bookings in one place - and not via technology that slows them down as they work."
Jessica Hartnett Marketing Executive at JoJo Maman Bébé

Testimonial by Mutty Strulovic


appointments scheduled within first five months

"The entire JRNI platform is incredibly user-friendly. It's self-explanatory and doesn't require a lot of time to learn. We quickly implemented it, trained our in-store staff on it, and started seeing results from it."
Mutty Strulovic Information systems research and development specialist at B&H

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