What is JRNI Appointments?

JRNI Appointments is an intelligent appointment booking and management solution that powers enterprises to schedule and manage one-to-one engagements, at scale. Virtual and in-person appointments humanize your brand and dramatically increase the volume of quality engagements while improving funnel velocity, driving revenue faster.


JoJo Maman Bébé secures 3,000+ appointments in first 10 months


of customers purchased items as a result of pre-arranged appointments

"We require an online scheduling solution that can create rewarding customer journeys. JRNI makes it easy for our customers to book appointments with us, starting their journeys online and continuing them across all channels."
Jessica Hartnett Marketing Executive at JoJo Maman Bébé Read case study

Baby Bunting

"JRNI is one of our most reliable providers with no outages or downtime. When you're conducting 3,000 appointments per week concerning the safety of children, it's a relief to be able to count on the service."

Arron Conroy, National Installation Manager

Harry Rosen

"Putting the control in the hands of the customer, where they're actually able to input the appointment into their own calendars and adjust the appointment if they want to cancel, or reschedule, has made our whole appointment culture a lot more professional."

Alan Whitfield, Executive VP of Store Operations

Monkhouse Schoolwear

“The swift deployment of JRNI Appointments was the best thing we did. COVID-19 had the potential to shut down our business, however, we are now in a position where we are doing better as a whole than this time last year."

Chris Parks, Group Head of e-Commerce

More Engagements. Less Waiting. Faster Revenue.

Sales agents can spend up to three hours a day coordinating, communicating, and following up simply to schedule a meeting. JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation fully automates customer communication, timing and location negotiation, customer-to-agent matching, and calendar booking and re-booking, through e-mail, SMS, chat, and other communication channels. Staff spend less time scheduling engagements and more time creating outstanding experiences with customers.

  • Engages customers automatically in their desired communication method

  • Reduces likelihood of cancellation, leakage, and no-shows

  • Enables scalability by removing administrative roadblocks


Appointment Scheduling Software Built to Increase Volume and Velocity

Customer engagement is a key piece of your revenue strategy. A scalable appointment booking process that quickly connects the customer with the right person to meet their needs, matched with the customer’s engagement preferences, increases the amount of appointments booked and decreases time to revenue across the enterprise.

  • Customizable look and feel to match your brand
  • Intelligently match customers with exactly the right associate
  • Fully responsive for online appointment scheduling from tablets and phones
  • Clean, intuitive booking journeys designed for maximum conversion
  • Unified portal for canceling, rescheduling, or viewing appointment history
  • The ability to book multiple appointments at once

The Intelligent Appointment Scheduling Software

JRNI Appointments is a scheduling solution that makes managing appointments simple and intuitive for staff. JRNI’s Intelligent Matching negotiates the meeting time with the prospects reducing frustrating administrative scheduling tasks. Enabling customers to engage with your brand HOW they want (In-Person, Virtual), WHERE they want to engage, AT the date and time they prefer and WITH an associate that has the expertise they need.

In addition to easily booking and rescheduling appointments, your staff will get an at-a-glance view of their personal and store appointment calendars, deep insight into the customers they’re scheduled to see, and a way to record appointment details.

  • Drag-and-drop interface for easy scheduling
  • Color-coded appointment calendar with configurable views
  • Detailed customer profiles with communication history, past behavior, and more
  • Automated confirmations, reminders, and follow-up communication that reduce missed appointments and keep the relationship going

Virtual Engagements, At Scale

For those services that can be delivered remotely, JRNI has you covered. With the flexibility to choose best-in-class video providers like Zoom, Go Instore, and more, JRNI’s options for remote connection are exactly what you need.

  • Integration with Zoom, Go Instore, and more
  • Robust practices for security and accessibility
  • Easy, user-friendly meeting join for staff and customers
Solutions for customers attending remote video appointment

Technology Built to Support your Challenges

When a basic calendaring solution or scheduling app isn’t going to cut it, you need an enterprise-level scheduling platform that can address all your needs. JRNI's scheduling software automatically handles complexity - multiple appointment types, locations, staff members, services, resources, and time zones - quickly and securely. In addition, standard connectors and an extensibility app framework makes it easy to integrate with your CRM, clienteling, payment processing, and workforce management systems - and more.

  • Features to facilitate both video and in-person appointments
  • A scheduling engine that easily handles complex scheduling requirements
  • Standards to meet the security and accessibility needs of large enterprises
Solution for upcoming appointment schedule

The connections to bring you to the next level

We know that appointment scheduling is only one part of your enterprise customer engagement strategy - that's why we partner with key players who do CRM, workforce management, online payments, and more. Check out our JRNI Open page to learn more.

  • Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS)
  • Salesforce, Kronos
  • MadMobile, Mercaux, Proximity Insight
  • Zoom, Twilio, Go Instore
  • Outlook
  • Yext, Reserve with Google
  • and many others... Contact us to learn more!
JRNI connectors enterprise solution

Delivering the ROI of Appointments

It’s not good enough to just offer appointment scheduling - you also need to know how appointments are helping your company and entire enterprise business. JRNI’s industry-leading analytics solution will help you identify and optimize your ROI from the one-to-one experiences you’re offering your customers.

  • Out-of-the-box reports that require no data analyst skills or configuration
  • Conversion and revenue reports to help you measure value
  • Staff and customer experience reports to optimize performance
  • Automated scheduling and delivery of reports to specific stakeholders
  • Alert notifications to keep you in the know about big events
JRNI Analytics for enterprises showing the ROI of appointment scheduling

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