JRNI for Credit Unions

JRNI helps schedule and manage in-branch and virtual engagements so that you can stay connected with your members while providing them a safe and secure way to do business. Your members chose you because they want the personalized touch of a credit union over a big bank - but they shouldn't have to go to a branch to get it. Let JRNI help you build relationships at scale.

Supporting the Entire Credit Union Member Engagement Lifecycle

Enabling Credit Unions to deliver outstanding customer engagements throughout the entire customer engagement lifecycle.

  • Discover: Reach prospects and customers and enable them to discover products and services allowing them to find you through marketing channels and register for appointments and/or events
  • Engage: Interact with customers and prospects in 1:1 in-person or virtual appointments or at a physical or virtual event.
  • Transact: Convert engagements into action by facilitating the close, completing a service request, filling a shopping cart or signing contracts.
  • Analyze and Optimize: Analyze the entire funnel, measuring outcomes and making continual adjustments to optimize business outcomes. Provide opportunities for additional transactions through customer service appointments, educational events, new service and product introductions, and personal trusted advisor relationships.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation by Offering Digital Services

  • Deliver remote services. Reach members at home with video appointments for account openings, mortgages, and more.
  • Manage queues virtually. For customers without appointments, virtual queuing lets them enter a queue from home, and show up when it’s their turn.
  • Make it all secure. You put security first, so we put security first. From ISO to GDPR, JRNI has strict policies in place to protect our customers - and your members.
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Bring your Member Engagement Strategy Forward

  • Be flexible and frictionless. Mobile options, video communication, and accessibility-first design. We can help you deliver the services your members need, and the experience they expect.
  • Be ready for the future. JRNI for Credit Unions is designed for right now, but will also help you leap forward in the future. When you're ready to scale, we'll help you get there.
  • Get up and running immediately. Because we know exactly what you need, our time to implementation is faster than anyone’s. We can get you up and running in just a few days.
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Get the Data you need to Understand and improve

  • Get an industry-leading analytics tool. JRNI for Credit Unions includes JRNI Analytics, an easy-to-use tool that will help you find the story in your statistics.
  • Quantify value and maximize conversions. Find out how your appointments strategy is contributing to the business - and how you can maximize that contribution.
  • Identify seasonal trends. How are you stacking up to last year, and what does it mean for this year? Compare data over time periods to bring hidden trends to light.
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How to cater to the human element of banking

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Best ways to increase member engagement

Since engagement is about taking a proactive approach, credit unions should look for ways to build meaningful connections with members and to continuously improve upon the experiences they provide.

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