JRNI helps organizations build relationships at scale. Connect with your customers no matter where they are, and then deliver the unforgettable experiences that will keep them coming back for more. Together with JRNI, you can offer appointments and events that grow revenue, drive customer loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value.

The first fully configurable customer engagement platform

Platform Capabilities

Unify your omnichannel customer experience

Adaptable Journeys unify the digital to physical customer journey and touchpoints across all channels, and lines of business.

Orchestrate every moment

Sitting atop our customer engagement platform are applications to manage appointments, events, queuing. and customer booking journeys at scale.

Complex scheduling made simple

At our core is a powerful scheduling engine that makes managing customer engagements across multiple locations, services and staff easy.

Data-driven decisions

Our industry-leading analytics tool helps you get the most value out of your data - allowing for tracking revenue and conversions, optimizing CX, and more.


Extend the capabilities of our platform further with an array of prebuilt apps available via marketplace including CRM, payment, and calendar. Maintain seamless connectivity to your existing systems, so you can achieve a true 360-degree customer view.

Why clients select JRNI:

  • Leading technology stack

    We developed JRNI as an open platform with publicly available RESTful APIs. Our JRNI Marketplace helps businesses connect JRNI with their existing enterprise systems to unite existing business workflows.

  • Robust and secure

    We guarantee a 99.95% uptime or higher if required, and offer multiple hosting options including Multi-Tenant or Virtual Private Cloud. Security is ensured through regular penetration testing and compliance with a multitude of certifications bodies, including ISO27001, PCI, and others.

  • Accessible for all users

    At JRNI, accessibility isn’t a tick in the box - it’s a philosophy. In addition to considering WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, JRNI incorporates accessibility-first thinking throughout all phases of the development process.

  • Hardware and browser agnostic

    Accessible on any device via the browser of your choice. The user interface delivers a responsive experience, no matter if it’s on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Cloud-based with centralized control

    Cloud-based platform architecture ensures JRNI’s scalability across a vast number of locations and regions with low latency, minimal disruption, and low cost. Retain central visibility and control of the platform and grant access to others.

  • Innovative and constantly evolving

    JRNI is an agile, innovative, and dynamic technology business consistently keeping up to date with market trends, technologies and our enterprise customer’s needs. We’re constantly evolving our platform’s capabilities to meet market needs.

JRNI is used by hundreds of enterprise brands to manage tens of millions of customer engagements annually

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