Your citizens expect fast, frictionless interactions from all businesses they interact with–especially their local government.

We know that it’s not always easy to consistently service customers when offerings come with a wide range of complexities–variety of service type, language, and history of previous interactions.

But when done right, interactions can serve as a way to build genuine relationships and improve the government experience.


JRNI's customer engagement platform will ensure each citizen gets the same level of knowledgeable and efficient service during every interaction. JRNI also helps employees feel more prepared and focused for each interaction.


When a government agency’s CX Index score rises by 1 point, 2.5% more customers are likely to seek its authoritative advice or expertise

Why And How To Improve Government CX Report, Forrester 2018

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Our customers are forging a new type of relationship between government and citizen

An adaptable platform to connect you to your citizens

  • Improve citizen experience

    Deliver personalized and informed service. When employees know who they are serving next, they are able to provide a better experience. Ultimately, this results in satisfied citizens and productive staff.

  • Reduce administration time

    Empower employees to be more efficient. Instead of spending time on administrative work, they can focus on providing better service to more customers.

  • Optimize resources

    Analyze data to learn more about peak times, wait times, appointment outcomes, and more. With this information, you can make smarter decisions about staffing and hours of operation.

Create convenience

With JRNI's Appointments application, citizens are empowered to book appointments at a time that's convenient for them. When booking the appointment, they will answer a series of customizable questions, so employees know who the citizen is and what they want to discuss. This ensures employees can be fully prepared with any necessary paperwork.

Eliminate long lines

With JRNI’s Queuing application, the days of “when is it my turn?” are over. As soon as citizens step into a line or join a virtual queue, they are given a personal wait time that’s accurate and updates in real-time. Relevant SMS and email notifications provide updates as they move to the front of the line, so they know how long they’ll be waiting and can attend to other business if need be.

Build genuine relationships

With JRNI's Events application, you can host free or paid events, workshops, or courses. Whether the topic is about reducing energy usage or safeguarding your identity online, events are a great way to teach, listen, and make your citizens feel heard.

Become more efficient

With JRNI’s Insights application, you can easily understand traffic patterns, average wait times, average appointment times, and which type of services are most frequently booked. With that information, you can make important decisions and optimize operations.

You’re in secure hands

JRNI has extremely robust data security policies and practices in place, and holds accreditation by ISO 27001–the international standard for information security.

Integrate with any API-ready system

JRNI can be seamlessly connected with existing tools, such as CRM and calendars, to eliminate data silos and ensure associates have the information they need, when they need it.

Empower staff and improve outcomes

Ensure staff are equipped with the right information to offer a "right first-time" service. With JRNI, managers have all scheduling data at their fingertips to monitor and measure improvements.

What our customers are saying


Barnsley Council's registration service achieves digital channel shift


shift to digital self-service after 3 months

After only three months, Barnsley Council was already seeing that 49% of registrar bookings were made online using JRNI's self-service scheduling solution. The change from using both telephone and paper calendar, to online self-service, has allowed staff to focus on service delivery and promotion.
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