Bridge the digital to physical divide to create memorable customer events and future brand advocates.


Get more value from your physical locations. Events offer customers a unique experience with your brand, product, or staff without the hard sell.

JRNI provides an innovative way to drive foot traffic to your events, boost customer loyalty, and sell more products and services with centralized registration and management.

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Engage your customers with events

  • Ultimate event flexibility

    Events can scale with fluctuating demand and resource availability, and ticketing can be configured according to each event's requirements. Payment options are PCI compliant, and pricing can be set based on parameters such as time blocks, days, or weeks.

  • Proactive communication

    Send custom notifications to customers to reduce no-shows and effectively manage all customer touchpoints. Notifications can include pre-event reminders, in-event communications, and post-event surveys.

  • Manage events with ease

    The creation and management of events could not be easier. With a user-friendly interface, users can quickly create all types of events, from turnkey to complex, in a matter of minutes.

Core Capabilities

Manage multiple event types

Are you hosting events, classes, or workshops? Are they reoccurring or only happening once?

With JRNI, you don't have to choose one type of event. Our platform allows you to simultaneously manage all event types within one platform.

It's as simple as:

  • Select the event types you want to offer
  • Instantly make them available to your customer base for online booking
  • Maintain your events in real-time with just a few clicks

Templated booking journeys

Based on our experience with thousands of events, we have created templated customer journeys designed for quick onboarding and deployment. There’s no need to invest in additional infrastructure or technology because our templated journeys come with a number of hosting options to get you up and running quickly.

Waiting lists

Ensure your events are always fully booked. Waiting lists help you accommodate for late cancellations by having an instant list of customers ready to step in and fill any available slots. You can choose that the next available customer be automatically enrolled to the event with a notification SMS/email, or the slot can be offered to the wait list on a first come first serve basis.

Centralized events calendar

Perform all key functions of event management within an intuitively designed calendar. The calendar provides a view of all upcoming events so you can ensure they're properly staffed and resourced.

Personalized notifications

Automatically reduce no-shows by using our personalized email and/or SMS reminders. Intelligent, built-in messaging logic, ensures your event can’t be forgotten. Emails can include:

  • A download option to add the event to the customer’s calendar
  • The ability to cancel pre-event
  • The ability to provide a full refund through your chosen payment provider

Follow up surveys

Receive valuable feedback with post-event surveys that are tailored to help you understand performance and areas of improvement. Once a follow-up survey has been created, you can easily choose when the survey will send.

What our customers are saying


JoJo Maman Bebe

“The implementation of Studio has been a game changer in the way the company is managing and reporting in-store appointments and events. Not only has it made the overall process a lot easier and more flexible for our store staff and marketing departments, but it has also given our customers a best-in-class experience!”

Ben Benichou - E-commerce Project Manager at JoJo Maman Bebe


“Across all of our locations, we take about 55,000 - 60,000 bookings per month. We simply weren’t able to keep track of everything as we would want to, and we really started to see the limitations it was creating across the board. That’s what led us to JRNI.”

Kurtis Poole - Technical Manager at Frame

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