Built for enterprise-level businesses

Our customer engagement platform provides a robust, scalable, and modern user experience

JRNI easily integrates with all customer-facing applications and infrastructure – creating and connecting human-to-human interactions with existing enterprise systems.

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The journey of JRNI

JRNI is transforming the way thousands of companies manage their customer relationships

Step 1: Make a connection

Your customers want to connect with you. JRNI gives you the ability to let them do it easily and quickly.

Step 2: Build a relationship

Building personalized relationships with your customers is what keeps them coming back for more. You can do it with JRNI.

Step 3: Provide an experience

Don't sell a product or service - deliver an experience. This is the next great differentiator, and JRNI can pave the way for you.

By Industry


We provide leading retailers with powerful scheduling experiences that create profitable customer relationships. Using big data, JRNI helps drive smarter decision-making that reduces administrative cost by 50%, generates a threefold lift in spend, and creates a 95% conversion rate.

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Financial Services

JRNI offers a range of retail banking engagement solutions to help personalize the relationship and in-branch experience. Whether it’s a first-time mortgage appointment, or a lifelong customer planning their retirement, our secure and efficient scheduling solutions handle the unique requirements of the financial services customer.

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JRNI helps government departments simplify complicated, high-volume requirements by enabling governments to digitize complex scheduling tasks. JRNI helps improve the citizen experience, and create enormous staffing and administrative efficiencies along the way.

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Our experience spans industries - telecommunications, healthcare, education, manufacturing, media, software, and more.

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We can help you deliver success

JRNI was built to benefit key roles in any organization.

Whether you’re a marketer trying to prove the success of your campaigns and grow conversion rates, an operations chief trying to optimize your physical locations, or a customer experience lead trying to drive foot traffic and customer loyalty – JRNI has the expertise to help your business succeed.

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