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JRNI Ups the Ante on Data-Driven Decisions

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JRNI launches JRNI Analytics

Boston, MA, May 11, 2020 — JRNI, a leading SaaS scheduling platform designed to optimize the customer journey through powerful personalized experiences both in-person and remotely, today announced the availability of JRNI Analytics. The tool is designed to provide retailers, retail banks, wealth management firms, and other businesses with insights into consumer behavior, business trends, and conversions.

As scheduled appointments become the standard for proactively managing social distancing while businesses reopen, JRNI Analytics provides the ability to identify trends and leverage appointment data as a true business tool. It delivers the story behind the numbers and acts as a cog in the decision-making engine.

“In today’s business climate, the ability to leverage data based on consumer insights has never been more important,” said Graeme Greenwood, head of product at JRNI. “JRNI Analytics will be invaluable as storefronts open, staff need to be properly allocated, capacity needs to be managed, and profitability and safety vie for position as the number one priority.”

JRNI Analytics has been designed to make anyone a reporting whiz. Available in the tool is a library of reports and dashboards, all designed to deliver information without configuration.

Key capabilities include:

  • Ability to track revenue, conversion, and outcome data
  • Exposure of seasonal trends
  • Insight into wait time and lead time
  • Ability to manage staff and resources
  • KPI tracking
  • Insight into trends in specific branches or storefronts

Join us on June 10 to learn more about the value of experience data, and to see JRNI Analytics in action.

About JRNI:

JRNI is designed to facilitate powerful personalized experiences that increase conversion and revenue, customer loyalty, and lifetime value, both in person and remotely. Forward-thinking companies rely on JRNI’s scheduling platform to deliver personal actions across touchpoints – appointments, events, queuing – and optimize resources to deliver superior quality experiences. Our newest suite of services work to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more, visit