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JRNI Announces New Remote Appointments Functionality

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Boston, MA, March 18, 2020 — JRNI, a leading SaaS scheduling platform for personalizing and optimizing the customer journey, today announced the availability of its Remote Appointments feature. In a release that was accelerated in response to the increased need for remote connection due to COVID-19, JRNI Remote Appointments enables businesses to continue to serve their customers by offering appointments via phone and browser-based video.

Remote Appointments is powered by Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform, and is the next step in JRNI’s continued mission to help businesses manage personalized relationships with their customers. Remote Appointments gives businesses the ability to conduct seamless phone and video appointments without the need for downloading specialized video apps.

“The ability to connect remotely has been increasingly important for both businesses and consumers,” said John Federman, CEO of JRNI. “And in today’s climate, the need for social distancing means that seamless remote connection is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have.”

JRNI’s new Remote Appointments feature will enable businesses to continue to deliver the services their customers need, and the experience they expect, even during crises like COVID-19. This latest innovation builds on the foundation of the company’s flagship Appointments app, which allows customers to set up face-to-face and phone meetings from any device, at any time. To learn more about how to get your business up and running with Remote Appointments, visit the JRNI website.

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