Just a few months ago, no one would have imagined that we’d be self-isolating across the world for weeks at a time. The impact on business has been palpable. Yet so many businesses are contingent on building relationships with their customers while delivering unforgettable experiences - and they can’t afford the disruption. Remote appointments offer an option to deliver service via pre-arranged, personalized phone or native video appointments.

You can navigate the now. We can help.

The what

Phone and video appointments

Remote appointments help businesses improve service by offering experiences across multiple channels. With phone- and video-based appointments, you can give your customers the frictionless and continuous service they want and need. Remote appointments also allow retailers, banks, and government offices to attend to customers from their safe and healthy corners of the world.

The why

Give people the experience they expect

New times call for new approaches. If your customers are used to personalized service, leverage remote appointments to arrange any type of appointment you can imagine. It’s the same secure service they’ve grown accustomed to, with a little extra distance added in.

Combat the lack of foot traffic

Remote appointments allow you to provide service, demonstrations, consultations, and the like - all via video. It’s almost like being on-site. Businesses can retool the way they’ve been working to maintain incoming revenue and service standards.

Demonstrate alternative approaches to on-site visits

Promote appointments to your entire customer base, and consider expanding appointment-based services in compliance with social distancing guidelines. This solution is also ideal for when the world is back in circulation, and some of your customers might not be comfortable coming in.

The how

No integrations necessary

Remote appointments with JRNI run natively from the JRNI scheduling platform, eliminating the need for third party solutions, complex integrations, additional security vetting, or downtime.

remote appointments

The extras not found face-to-face

Remote appointments with JRNI provide in-app video appointments for your staff, while offering browser-based video appointments for customers. Each connection can be recorded for later reference, and notifications can be sent automatically to decrease cancellations and no-shows.


JRNI is designed to make appointment scheduling - whether remote or in-person - frictionless for customers and seamless for staff. Our user-friendly interface integrates directly with your existing website to let customers book what they need, when they need it. Our application for staff provides calendar views, customer profiles, analytics data, and all the information they need to conduct appointments that drive value. All together, it’s exactly the platform you need to journey forward.