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JRNI Launches New, Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform

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Fully Integrated Enterprise Customer Event Management, Appointment Scheduling, and Queuing/Lobby Management

BOSTON, MA — May 1st, 2023 -- JRNI today announced the general availability of its Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform, the first enterprise solution to seamlessly integrate best-in-class applications for Event Management, Appointment Scheduling, and Queuing/Lobby Management. The JRNI Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform delivers capability designed to dramatically increase new prospect and customer opportunities while simultaneously boosting conversion rates and accelerating the lead-to-transaction lifecycle, at scale. Phil Meer, JRNI’s CEO said "our new integrated Intelligent Customer Platform approach will drive significant increased "top of funnel" prospect activities, ensure vastly higher conversion rates, as well as accelerate their progress towards more transactions. In short, more engagement, less waiting and FASTER revenue."

JRNI’s new integrated Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform enables businesses to positively impact the following types of commercial outcomes:

  • The ability to expand prospect and customer engagement by offering virtual and in-person events across large, multi-location organizations, at scale. JRNI’s intelligent events management capabilities include workflow designed to:
    • Automate and personalize content and messaging, including incentive offers and promotions
    • Track event attendance, availability, and payments
    • Communicate effectively with attendees and non-attending registrants prior to, during, and after events via multiple communications channels
    • Automate follow-up appointment availability and incentive offers
  • The ability to increase velocity of sales opportunities by establishing one-to-one interactions when the interest is strongest. JRNI brings intelligent appointment scheduling capabilities to expeditiously and seamlessly offer appointment availability based on personalized and configurable preferences, including the ability for customers to ‘quick book’ directly into the first available appointment, book with a specific representative or to customize their booking via questions or individual profile - virtually or in-person.
  • The ability to improve conversion rates by intelligently matching prospective and existing customers with ideal staff based on configurable criteria, such as modality preference, physical location, employee skill, location of available inventory, customer past history, or other business-defined attributes, ensuring that a customer meets with the most appropriate representative.
  • The ability to intelligently manage demand via in-person and virtual queues to effectively manage customer expectations, especially during peak times.

“We understand that every business wants to offer personalized experiences while simultaneously empowering their employees with technology that automates and simplifies cumbersome administrative tasks that can create delays and frustration in the prospect or customer journey. JRNI’s new, Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform will drive indisputable commercial value while simultaneously improving both the customer and staff experiences” said Matt Cross, JRNI’s Chief Technology Officer.

Click here to schedule time to speak with a JRNI Customer Engagement Consultant and receive a demonstration of JRNI’s New Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform.

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JRNI is the leading enterprise engagement platform for scheduling & accelerating successful experiences across the entire customer JRNI, at scale. With apps for facilitating appointments, queuing, and events, plus an industry-leading analytics tool, JRNI helps businesses offer remote and in-person experiences that build stronger customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase revenue and efficiency. JRNI is backed by AKMAZO CAPITAL. To learn more, visit


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