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JRNI Launches JRNI Forward Suite

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Package designed for businesses confronting the new business as usual

Boston, MA, May 5, 2020 — JRNI, a leading SaaS scheduling platform designed to optimize the customer journey through powerful personalized experiences both in-person and remotely, today announced the availability of its JRNI Forward suite. This package is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for businesses as they recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this spring, JRNI launched Journey Forward, an initiative to provide companies with prescriptive content, best practices, and a set of tools in preparation for a return to “normal” business. The JRNI Forward suite is the next step in this initiative, and builds upon JRNI's flagship Appointments offering, going a step further to help businesses practice social distancing while still delivering their products and services. In this current business environment, where there are no rules of engagement, precedent, nor similar experience from which to learn, this package was built on direct feedback received from customers who were in search of answers, and years of experience in the market to solve their immediate and long-term needs.

“We’ve heard a number of concerns from our customers about the uncertainties of returning to ‘business as usual,’” said John Federman, Chief Executive Officer, JRNI. “The JRNI Forward suite takes that input, integrates it into a package that’s quick to market, and positions companies to survive and thrive beyond this challenging moment in time.”

The suite provides all of the capabilities businesses need to manage a wary public and social distancing requirements while still generating revenue. Core to the package are:

  • Footfall management: To manage the safety of customers and employees, businesses will have the ability to control how many visitors are allowed in-store by the hour, and customers can schedule their visit slots in advance.
  • Remote appointments: For wealth managers holding consultations, beauty counters doing personalized demonstrations, and retailers helping to plan life events such as weddings, the suite offers a fully-native voice and video option, or can integrate with Zoom to support remote connections.
  • Click and collect: Designed with retailers in mind, this feature makes it easy for customers to shop online, and pick up at the store without having to leave their car.
  • Virtual events: One-to-many events, classes, demonstrations, or group discussions are supported through a simple interface. Businesses can notify customers of such events, have them register, and not miss a beat.
  • Virtual queuing: Enable customers to check in online, and show up when it’s time for their appointment or meeting. This eliminates the need for waiting outside, or long waits in the car, and provides a much more pleasant experience for all involved.

JRNI Forward can be deployed in just a few days as is the requirement in today’s business landscape.

"JRNI helped us to be agile with the services we offer in an unprecedented time so we can continue to connect with our customers," said Maddie Bender, Brand Styling Manager at retailer, Anthropologie.

“JRNI has been immensely helpful in aiding Dunelm adapt parts of our selling model through the COVID-19 outbreak. Firstly in helping us to close down our services associated with our store operations, and then implementing a fast and simple solution that allows us to host remote appointments for our ‘Made to Measure’ curtains and blinds business,” said Jonti Pajwani, Ecommerce Digital Leadership Graduate at Dunelm. “These appointments have proved so popular with customers that we are now working with JRNI to find a way to roll out a similar solution for the rest of our product range. At a time when a large proportion of our business is non-operational, the ability to service our customers through these appointments provides a new and much-needed revenue stream, and we’re even looking at how we might incorporate this sort of selling model into our longer-term plans.”

About JRNI:

JRNI is designed to facilitate powerful personalized experiences that increase conversion and revenue, customer loyalty, and lifetime value, both in person and remotely. Forward-thinking companies rely on JRNI’s scheduling platform to deliver personal actions across touchpoints – appointments, events, queuing – and optimize resources to deliver superior quality experiences. Our newest suite of services work to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more, visit