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After Analyzing More Than 70 Million Bookings, JRNI Introduces Adaptable Journeys

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Configurable Catalog of Pre-designed Customer Journeys Increases Bookings for Appointments, Events, and Queues

BOSTON – OCT. 2, 2019 – JRNI, formerly BookingBug, the enterprise SaaS scheduling platform for optimizing the customer journey, today announced the launch of Adaptable Journeys, a powerful new addition to its platform to help customers increase highly personalized bookings. Adaptable Journeys enable retail and financial services companies to leverage a configurable catalog of pre-designed templates to quickly implement bookings for appointments, events, and queues.

JRNI has analyzed more than 70 million bookings from the past decade to deliver a set of pre-designed Adaptable Journeys to assist clients to optimize bookings and deliver increased booking volume. This feature set showcases 18 unique layout options and more than 50,000 different permutations to offer tailored customer booking experiences. JRNI has considered the most commonly used scenarios to ensure clients can navigate the digital-to-physical divide with ease.

Admin users of Studio – JRNI’s staff experience – can create new and edit existing services for appointments and events. These changes are instantly reflected in customers’ live booking journeys, meaning customers do not need to request additional costly technical resources traditionally required for creation, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of bespoke journeys.

“Adaptable Journeys helped us get to market faster,” said Shane Woods, retail omni channel delivery unit lead for Spark, a digital services company. “By using the pre-designed journeys, we were able to implement JRNI in a way that best fits our brand, while also increasing our overall bookings. As we continue to generate positive results from the deployment of Adaptable Journeys, we’re especially excited to see the value that it will return for our business overall.”

The key capabilities of JRNI’s Adaptable Journeys include:

  • Mobile and tablet readiness: Customers can easily access their journeys while they are on the go via built-in mobile and tablet functionalities.
  • Rapid implementation: Customers can ramp up faster to deliver quicker return on investment and immediate customer experience improvement.
  • Powerful brand personalization: Customers can configure their journeys to best suit their dynamic business needs and amend them to allow for service, style, and branding updates.
  • Integrated Google Analytics: Customers can track the journey performance via Google Analytics and unearth powerful intelligence to increase bookings.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership: Customers can expect significantly reduced total cost of ownership, creating no additional maintenance costs and overall easier maintenance.
  • Full control of services: Customers have the ability to create new, edit, and update services within Studio, with these updates instantly reflecting in Adaptable Journeys.

“The entire proposition of Adaptable Journeys – from the underlying scalable architecture to the responsive interface where users can update service details, locations, and images – provides customers with the enhanced flexibility that they demand from our platform,” said John Federman, JRNI’s CEO. “By pairing end-to-end control with new analytical insight, clients now have the ability to continuously optimize and grow bookings – an incredibly important business metric to retailers and financial services companies. There is now a solution that can be as nimble as the industries it serves.”

To learn more about JRNI’s Adaptable Journeys, visit here.

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