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BookingBug debuts Studio to improve customer journey management for enterprise retailers and banks

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BOSTON-- BookingBug, the leader in customer journey management, today announced the launch of Studio unveiling a new workforce experience for enterprise retailers and financial services clients. Studio empowers staff to effectively manage the customer's path to purchase by delivering high-quality customer experiences across all digital-physical channels and touchpoints, leading to improved operational efficiencies and continued growth.

“The implementation of Studio has been a game changer in the way the company is managing and reporting in-store appointments and events," said Ben Benichou, E-commerce Project Manager at JoJo Maman Bebe.

"Not only has it made the overall process a lot easier and more flexible for our store staff and marketing departments, but it has also given our customers a best-in-class experience!”

Studio's next-generation staff experience empowers users with actionable customer insights and analytics to focus on delivering personalized one-to-one and one-to-many customer experiences. Featuring a sleek and highly secure tablet-optimized interface, Studio offers a fully integrated suite of modules to support users on the move.

"Studio is the only staff-centric experience available today that is entirely configurable and fully tablet optimized, allowing enterprise clients to deliver immediate return on investment,” said Aldo King, Head of Product, BookingBug. “We’re proud to offer this new, easy-to-use experience for our users that will significantly reduce admin task time, enabling staff to focus on what matters most–building strong relationships with their customers."

Run Your Business Smarter, Not Harder

  • 360-degree Customer Profiles: Harnessing information across all customer touchpoints, Studio cultivates customer data into a single profile. When paired with its enhanced profile search functionality, Studio empowers the workforce with customer data at their fingertips.
  • Multi-Location Staff: Managing resources across various locations is a complex challenge. Studio's new multi-location scheduling capability efficiently manages all facets of staff working across various locations using newly developed advanced business logic.
  • New Business Insights: Dashboards and reporting provide a holistic view of vital information, such as staff utilization across multiple locations, customer wait times, and peak time periods for bookings. Armed with in-depth analytics, Studio empowers businesses to make smarter business decisions.
  • Enhanced Calendar Functionality: New booking management, orientation and filter options allow users to fully manage bookings from the calendar view whilst also configuring the layout by day, week or month with a simple click.
  • New Call Center Module: A refreshed workflow and optimized UI enables staff to manage call center engagements with customers more effectively. Reporting now provides in-depth insights on overall operational performance across all customer engagement channels.
  • Time-saving Check-in: Re-designed experience supports faster check-in times and captures customer data including arrival times, seen time and duration, providing an expedited process for staff and customers.
  • Refreshed Concierge UI: Provide your mobile workforce with comprehensive capabilities to manage customer queues and bookings for the location, streamlining business processes.
“We recently conducted research demonstrating that nearly two-thirds of consumers typically invest more in products and services after an in-person appointment. Enterprises delivering these services can now empower their entire workforce with optimized admin capabilities in order to provide a fully connected customer experience. In turn, with full data capture across the entire customer journey, Studio’s new insights module supports senior executives to make critical business decisions on appropriate resource allocations across their networks to drive optimal customer experiences and improve profitability.”

Glenn Shoosmith - CEO of BookingBug