In the modern digital era, customers still expect access to knowledgeable call center agents.


A connected call center is essential to delivering a true omnichannel strategy that improves customer experience and drives profitable outcomes.

Our Call Center application powers conversations, and helps agents provide world-class customer service on every phone call.

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Designed for speed

  • Omni-search

    Quickly search for, update, reschedule, and cancel existing customer appointments at any location within your network.

  • Appointment management

    Agents are able to manage all appointments within a single interface. They can schedule bookings, modify existing bookings, and manage their customer lists with one click.

  • Contact history

    Ensure agents are well-informed and have full insight into each customer. With access to both historical and current information, they can provide help quickly and efficiently.

Core Capabilities

Staff empowerment

Help your agents provide the best customer experience possible. When a customer calls, agents can make appointment and event bookings based on your staff's availability across an entire network of locations.

Agent effectiveness

Agents have the necessary tools to update, reschedule, or cancel existing bookings. With information at their fingertips, all agents can quickly deliver the world-class service your customers expect.

Agent performance

A full display of each customer's history with your business gives agents an instant history of all previous interactions.

Operational effectiveness

Customers often lose their email or SMS confirmation and call your agents to resend. With our Call Center application, this process is automated with the click of a button. Your agents simply need to search the customer’s name or booking reference and hit "resend." The customer will receive the desired notification via their preferred channel in a matter of seconds.

Make your call center more than just an answering service.