About JRNI

JRNI is a scheduling platform for managing appointments, virtual queuing, and events - at scale. With its easy-to-use interface, industry-leading analytics, and robust tech stack integration capabilities, JRNI helps organizations improve customer engagement and experience.


  • Increase engagement with one-to-one appointments
  • Offer true flexibility with both in-person and video appointments
  • Reduce wait times, inefficient workforce management, and other obstacles to satisfaction
  • Replace inferior processes or systems with a solution designed to scale with your organization
  • Make appointments work for you by integrating seamlessly with your other calendaring systems and the rest of your tech stack
  • Adhere to the security and accessibility policies that deliver the safest, most inclusive experience
  • Learn from a robust analytics tool how appointments are working, and how you can make them work even better
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What Visions Federal Credit Union has to say

We want our members to choose Visions Federal Credit Union because they know that we can help guide them to a successful financial future. We chose JRNI because they take the same approach to working with their customers as we do to working with our members - as true and equal partners.

Thomas P. Novak, VP/Chief Digital Officer, Visions Federal Credit Union

What Room & Board has to say

Our teams were immediately pleased with the ease of use. The most welcome feature was the automation, and how little work is needed to manage customer appointments.

Liz Schultz, Retail Customer Experience Leader, Room & Board

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