• Lightning ready

    We integrate with Salesforce’s Lightning and Classic user experiences to make the booking process faster and more efficient.

  • 360° customer view

    Our integration helps with scheduling throughout all phases of the customer lifecycle, and ensures there’s always one customer record that contains all activity history.

  • One central platform

    Our admin interface is embedded within Salesforce, so JRNI’s functionality is contained within a single platform.

  • Authentication

    Support for OAuth 2.0 and SAML Single Sign-On authentication means a more secure integration.

Building profitable customer relationships

Our platform is designed to meet diverse appointment scheduling and event management requirements. The combination of JRNI and Salesforce helps organizations access in-depth customer insight, so they can drive customer satisfaction, and even tailor advertising campaigns.

Full integration with your preferred calendars

We’ve taken on the complexities of scheduling, so you can focus on the customer experience. Whether you use Outlook, Google, iCal, Office 365, or Salesforce calendar, free and busy times are always accurately reflected, and meetings are instantly added to all attendees’ calendars.

The power of Studio available within Salesforce

Our integration embeds the Studio interface, JRNI's next-generation staff experience, within Salesforce. This guarantees users access to JRNI features including configuration settings. Even better, all future updates to Studio are instantly available to users within Salesforce. Administration is all under one roof and helps drive customer success.

Integrated and automated web conferencing

JRNI integrates with leading web conferencing providers, so you can easily include conferencing details in your invitations. Users will no longer need to cut and paste links from disparate systems, and can instead spend their time on customer service.

Seamless data flow

It's crucial that staff see a real-time view of availability and upcoming appointments. To ensure that information is accurate, we automatically match booking and customer data to the correct Salesforce user. This eliminates the need for users to move between several systems – it's all in Salesforce.

Highly-secure connection

JRNI is ISO 27001 accredited, follows international information security best practices, and fully encrypts data in transit. Our Salesforce integration supports OAuth 2.0 Single Sign-On to guarantee a secure data connection between JRNI, your Salesforce environment, and the SAML authentication used to access Studio inside Salesforce.

Three configuration options

We offer three options from standard object implementation to slightly more complex custom object implementation. These options support both standard and bespoke client configurations. We’ve been proactive in ensuring set-up is fast and easy, so there is no disruption to your business workflow.

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Salesforce Integration Datasheet