• Two-way sync

    Leverage the familiar interface of Outlook or Office 365 and automatically sync all booking data with JRNI in the background.

  • Increased visibility of availability

    To avoid double-booking, block out periods of unavailability in Outlook and it will merge seamlessly with JRNI’s online booking page.

  • Increase in employee productivity

    JRNI has eliminated administration time by automating the flow of information between Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and JRNI. By automatically creating MS Outlook and Office 365 calendar items, your business users don’t need to worry about double-entry.

  • Appointment lock

    Moving a JRNI-created appointment in Outlook and Office 365 is restricted, and the event will sync back to the original slot. This reduces the likelihood of accidentally editing a customer-created appointment.


Real-time connection

JRNI works with your Exchange calendar in real-time via our streaming subscription. To ensure fast performance and smooth customer experience, we employ a streaming subscription to keep you up and running, even during the busiest times.


Prevent double booking

Our real-time calendar sync and powerful integration features ensure you never get double booked. Customers only have visibility into available time slots, so they can book appointments without seeing other booking data.


Personalized interactions

Our integration includes personalized calendar interactions controlled within our admin experience, Studio. Businesses can now customize the subject and body descriptions sent to staff in their event invitations via dynamic objects which sync with Outlook and Office 365. This provides your staff with better knowledge of customer needs while personalizing communication.


Greater control

JRNI’s integration layer connects directly with Microsoft Exchange to provide more control of user access and permissions, and centralize management at the enterprise level. There is no requirement for users to install any sort of plug-in, manage updates, or troubleshoot issues.


Highly secure connection

The integration adheres to the strictest privacy and security policies. All credentials and data traffic are fully encrypted and secure. The integration uses the permissions users already have when viewing calendars (for example, only free/busy), so no new information will be accessible to them.

The integration is based on EWS (Exchange Web Services) – a well-established and official Microsoft protocol. JRNI is ISO 27001 accredited, follows international information security best practices, and encrypts data in transit.


Deployed to suit your current business workflow

Our integration ensures that users can manage everything within the tool they are most familiar with. Users can see what appointments have been scheduled directly in Outlook and Office 365 without needing to learn or log in to JRNI. This supports user adoption and reduces any change management program needed during the implementation.

Download Microsoft Exchange Integration Datasheet