Acquisition reporting

Learn how users get to your booking journey. Do they come from paid campaigns, social media, or email programs? Assess which campaigns are performing best. Once you understand how users are getting to your booking journey, you can better design and optimize your promotional campaigns.

Behavior reporting

Reveal how users behave once they go through your customer journey. Is there a specific step where most users drop off? Once you understand user behavior, you can modify your journey to eliminate friction and confusion.

Multi-channel funnel reporting

Understand the process to conversion. How many days does it take from first interaction to conversion? How many interactions does the user take before they convert? What are your top conversion paths?

Custom alerts and reports

Easily see the metrics that are most important to you. Don’t feel like logging into Google Analytics everyday? No problem! Set up custom alerts and automated reports that get sent to you, or others, as often as you’d like.

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