Spatial overview

This feature will provide a map view with plotted appointments for a given day. We are able to tailor this view with additional filter options and tooltips to meet specific functionality requirements.


Dynamic travel

Using filters availability based on Google travel times ensures that the most optimal appointment slots are made available to deliver efficiencies and compliance.


Work zone mapping

The system is able to automatically allocate staff and provide availability in real-time based on customer postcode entry. This minimizes travel for your workforce and helps staff service more appointments each day.


  • Postcode management
  • Spatial workzone builder and custom colors
  • Additional map layers
  • Customer map filters and views (e.g. regional filter)
  • Custom tooltips and icons
  • Teams – the ability to create operational teams
  • OpenStreetMap backdrop
  • Additional spatial algorithms – this can be tailored to meet business rules
  • Additional interfaces – e.g. custom schedule importer
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