About JRNI

JRNI is an experiential relationship management (XRM) platform for scheduling and managing personalized experiences at scale. With apps for facilitating appointments, virtual queuing, and events, plus industry-leading analytics, JRNI helps businesses offer remote and in-person experiences that increase revenue, profitability, and efficiency, build customer relationships, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Build meaningful customer relationships by scheduling personalized experiences
  • Grow customer loyalty and retention with one-to-one appointments and one-to-many events
  • Drive conversions and revenue by delivering one-of-a-kind experiences
  • Reduce wait times, inefficient workforce management, and other obstacles to a great customer experience
  • Replace manual processes with automated systems that save time and money

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What our customers are saying

What our customers are saying


"JRNI has been immensely helpful in implementing a fast and simple solution that allows us to host remote appointments for our 'Made to Measure' curtains and blinds business ... At a time when a large proportion of our business is non-operational, the ability to service our customers through these appointments provides a new and much-needed revenue stream."

Jonti Pajwani, Ecommerce Digital Leadership Graduate

West Berkshire Council

West Berkshire Council reopened their recycling sites in May 2020 with the help of JRNI's booking system. Designed to manage traffic, encourage social distancing, and discourage unscheduled or unnecessary visits, the centers are managing any waste that cannot be stored at home due to safety concerns by appointment only. Within the first week, there were 5,400 appointments booked.

JoJo Maman Bébé

"JRNI has been successful for us. Our staff members want to easily manage all of their bookings in one place - and not via a technology that slows them down as they work."

Jessica Hartnett, Marketing Executive at JoJo Maman Bébé

Oriental Bank

“We are more agile now, and able to make decisions based on intelligence that we simply didn’t have before. We can monitor and have great insight on areas like capacity, time management, return on investment.”

Jessica Lugo, VP Retail Strategy Officer at Oriental

B&H Photo

"The entire JRNI platform is incredibly user-friendly. It's self-explanatory and doesn't require a lot of time to learn. We quickly implemented it, trained our in-store staff on it, and started seeing results from it."

Mutty Strulovic, Information systems research and development specialist at B&H

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Datasheet: JRNI platform overview

JRNI is an experiential relationship management (XRM) platform for scheduling and managing personalized experiences at scale. Learn more about how we help brands deliver exceptional experiences.

Datasheet: JRNI Appointments

Offering one-to-one experiences via appointment scheduling - whether they're remote or in-person appointments - increases revenue and improves customer loyalty.

Case study: JoJo Maman Bébé

JoJo Maman Bébé secured over 3,000 appointments within the first 10 months of using JRNI Appointments, and 60% of consumers purchased items as a result of these appointments.

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