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According to an NRF benchmarking survey, more than 9 in 10 consumers have changed their shopping habits due to COVID-19, and 6 in 10 are worried about going into a store.

You need to drive commerce without crowds. You can do it with JRNI.

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Practice social distancing by managing capacity

  • Set maximum occupancy. Define a limit for how many visitors can be safely allowed in your store.
  • Know exactly how many people are in your store. Count visitors entering and leaving the store in real-time - and from multiple entrances and exits. You’ll always know how many people are inside, and how many more you can allow to enter.
  • Eliminate outside lines. When your maximum capacity is reached, walk-ins can enter a virtual queue, and be notified via email or SMS that it’s their turn to come back and enter the store.
  • Guarantee zero wait time. For customers who don’t want to risk having to wait for their turn, they can pre-book time slots and be guaranteed immediate entry. You can even reserve certain time slots for at-risk populations.

Reach your customers at home with remote appointments and virtual events

  • Shift from a face-to-face model to a remote model. Many appointments that were meant to be in person can occur via video and voice. Give this option to your customers so you can stay connected while keeping them safe.
  • Broadcast virtual events. Forget Instagram Live. With virtual events, you can schedule virtual events, accept registrations and payments, and promote your products on-screen during the broadcast.
  • Be more secure than the rest. Remote appointments and virtual events with JRNI are fully native, meaning neither you nor your customers need to integrate with any third-party apps.

Make e-commerce easier with curbside pickup

  • Offer curbside pickup. JRNI makes buying online and picking up in-store simple and intuitive.
  • Control crowds and eliminate lines. By allowing customers to schedule pickup times, you can control how many customers arrive at once, allowing for best-practice social distancing.
  • Give your customers curbside or carryout choices. Whether you offer curbside pickup or in-store collection - or both - you can do it with JRNI.

It’s time to journey forward. JRNI can take you there.

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