When unexpected events occur, people immediately turn to their banks to assess budgets, pay bills, and think about their futures. Banks are essential, and maintaining a sense of trust, security, and availability are paramount. They need to be available anywhere, anytime, and from any device. And because it’s a business based on trust, one-on-one communication is a key part of the mix.

You need to drive business without bustle. You can do it with JRNI.

Deliver services remotely with voice and video

  • Shift from a face-to-face model to a remote model. Continue to manage account openings, loan consultations, mortgages, and more - JRNI’s video and voice appointments help you reach customers anywhere.
  • Show that there are alternatives to on-site visits. Remote appointments allow people to look each other in the eye and connect, even from afar. You can still be together, even if you’re apart.
  • Be more secure than the rest. Remote Appointments with JRNI are fully native, meaning neither you nor your customers need to integrate with any third-party apps.

Practice social distancing with footfall management

  • Set maximum occupancy. Define a limit for how many visitors can be safely allowed in your branch, and vary these limits by day and hour as necessary.
  • Know exactly how many people are in your branch. Count visitors entering and leaving the branch in real-time - and from multiple entrances and exits. You’ll always know how many people are inside, and how many more you can allow to enter.
  • Eliminate outside lines. When your maximum occupancy is reached, walk-ins can enter a virtual queue, and be notified via email or SMS that it’s their turn to come back and enter the branch.
  • Guarantee zero wait time. For customers who don’t want to risk having to wait for their turn, they can pre-book time slots and be guaranteed immediate entry. You can even reserve certain time slots for at-risk populations.

Eliminate lines with virtual queuing

  • Reinvent what it means to be in line. If your customers need to wait to enter your location or wait to be seen for 1:1 service, they can be in line without actually being in line. It’s social-distancing-friendly - and also much more pleasant.
  • Allow for easy self-service. If customers want to join a queue to be seen 1:1, they can do so from any device - and then also mark themselves as arrived when they’ve actually shown up.
  • Reduce no-shows and walkouts. SMS updates keep customers informed about where they are in the queue, so they show up on time and don’t walk away.

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