Use data to optimize your marketing campaigns and resourcing strategies.


When using our Insights application, it's easy to make informed decisions. Insights collects millions of data points and compiles them into easy-to-read dashboards. These dashboards and reports provide visibility into each customer interaction as they engage across multiple channels and services.

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Powering data-driven decisioning

  • Enhance operations and staff performance

    Review data on your customer purchasing patterns, customer service wait times, lead times, capacity utilization, staff performance, and business outcomes to identify where to improve and optimize.

  • Optimize your staff resources

    Analyze how your staff’s schedules compare to historical traffic patterns, so you can improve how you allocate resources.

  • Improve customer experience

    We provide you with actionable insights in seconds. With just a few clicks, you can see all of your appointments, events, and queuing performance in pre-built customizable dashboards.

Core Capabilities

Analytics dashboards

Analyze your performance within JRNI, or export data to your existing analytics or BI tools. At a glance, you'll have powerful insights on capacity utilization, cancellation rates, outcomes, and more.

Data segmentation

We’ve introduced data segmentation so you can do more with your data.

You can now look at appointments and events segmented by any number of attributes including, but not limited to: locations, services, resources, channels, customer details, customer questions, appointment value, booking status, and outcomes.

This offers a flexible, customizable way to segment and analyze your data against the attributes that matter most to your business.


Capacity utilization

Optimize your physical locations with data from capacity reports. This is particularly powerful if you have a large regional, national, or global footprint, and often need to shift resources quickly.


Lead times

Lead times show how long a customer must wait for an appointment, and you can analyze this by day or location. The numbers are presented using an easy-to-read, color-coded RAG system so that administrators can spot problem areas quickly. The RAG system is configurable based on your business preferences and is a fantastic way to monitor your locations easily and accurately.


Combining capacity utilization and lead times

These reports provide the data necessary for you to reallocate resources as needed. This is where JRNI's Insights application adds value beyond off-the shelf analytics engines. Our expertise in time management and customer experience, delivered via our intelligent calculations, means we are able to help operational staff striving to achieve operational excellence.

Detailed exportable reports

Our platform also supports standard, customizable reports which can be exported even with large data sets. Reports can be exported as comma separated values (CSVs) for sharing and deeper data manipulation.

Insights also provides a set of pre-configured reports for all key data points captured in the platform, including bookings, members, purchases, staff logins, queue times, and more.

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Descriptive analytics

Review your current performance based on the key performance indicators you consider most important.

Predictive analytics

Share historical data sets and future trends to support operational planning and performance improvements.

Report builder

Create custom reports within our UI to capture your exact data needs.

What our customers are saying


Oriental Bank reduces wait times by over 50%


less waiting times

We are more agile now, and able to make decisions based on intelligence that we simply didn’t have before. We can monitor and have great insight on areas like capacity, time management, return on investment.
Jessica Lugo - VP Retail Strategy Officer, Oriental Bank Read case study

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